Our History

- The Birth of Anderson Bean -

Our First Years in the 80s

It all started with an idea. To create a quality boot, handmade boot, with all leather construction from the highest quality materials possible. Oh all at an affordable price. That idea grew from a tiny seed into the brand Anderson Bean.


So on we moved forward with over a century and a half of experience to craft a unique, high quality boot. You see, we’re from Texas. We’ve been building boots for a long time. We understand what a person wants in a pair of boots. We’re cowboys, cowgirls, ranchers, dancers, farmers and just all around people who like a comfy, handcrafted boot.

- Anderson Bean Grows -

The 1990s & Expansion


Our first couple boots were handmade inside a little tiny warehouse by just a small handful of people. But the reactions we got from our customers were unbelievable. So on we went by purchasing our current warehouse today, in deep South Texas. It was big, but we knew we could fill its boots (pun intended).

In the late 90s Anderson Bean was approached by many different riders and musicians because they loved our boots so much. So, we officially got some endorsers who out of all the boot companies out there, chose us! But we always say this, you made Anderson Bean the name it is today.

We are a family at Anderson Bean. In fact our name came from one of our owner’s mother. We like to not only have that family vibe at our office and factory, but also with you… our customers. We don’t see you as another person wearing our boots, we see you as a member of the Anderson Bean Boot Company family.


- Perfecting Handmade Craftsmanship -

The 2000s & Fine Tuning Our Build


After years of working on our product we perfected the Anderson Bean Boot. You see, our boots start with premium hides to provide comfort and longevity. You will not find any synthetic hides or man-made leather in our boots, ever. Our hides are cut with an attention to detail and placement on the hide to allow each piece to naturally expand and contract with heat and moisture, just as nature designed.

In the late 2000s Anderson Bean boots were sold in over 1,000 stores in the US. The reason? You. You loved our boots so much that we went from a tiny little factory selling boots in just deep South Texas, to a brand that creates custom boots for everyone. We understand quality. We understand craftsmanship. We understand comfort. And that’s why we hand make all our boots, from start to finish.


From the ground up, our boots are built with the finest and most durable materials that nature can supply. Each pair is lined with premium cowhide and has leather heel counters and leather insoles. Simple attention to detail is the key in every part of the process of making Anderson Bean boots. It’s a lot easier to not overcomplicate things.

- Set Apart From The Rest -

Our Current Brand in the 2010s

The majority of our boots are made with leather soles or hybrid soles that combine an all leather sole with an injected molded rubber pad at the ball of the foot to extend the longevity of the sole and maintain the flex of the boot. With these traditional types of soles we use lemon wood pegs to secure the Spring Steel Shank in place in the arch of the foot for support. This process is more than tradition, it is pure functionality, and our craftsmen have been using it for over 150 years. The pegs will actually expand and contract with the leather as it changes temperature and moisture content so that they do not fall out or rust like a nail. It’s little things like that, attention to detail, that have helped refine our product and make it what it is today.

Today Anderson Bean continues to supply the US with custom made boots. We specialize in many different kinds of leather, from Amazon Bass fish to Zebra to Ostrich to well pretty much anything you can think of. If you can think of anything else you’d like to see in our boots, let us know!


- Anderson Bean Forever -

What's In Store For Future Projects

The most important aspect of Anderson Bean Boot Company is the Human Element. From our craftsmen to our customers we have been truly blessed. We try to answer each e-mail and social media message that comes in with questions about our boots, because, we like hearing from our customers. We like to hear all the good things as well as the not so good. If you have had an issue with our boots, please let us know so that we can take care of it as best we can. This is all part of the process of constant attention to quality. We will stand behind our product, so that you can stand in them.


As Anderson Bean expands, we have many different ideas in terms of boot designs. Not only that, but our team is working away at securing more College Team logos (we currently can make boots with the A&M logo and the OSU logo). If you’d like to see your alma mater on a pair of Anderson Bean boots let us know! We’ll try our darnedest to make sure we can make it happen!