The Fit

Anderson Beans won’t slip or slide like boots with synthetic components do. The leather is cut with the natural stretch of the specific hide in mind so it stretches side-to-side over the ball of the foot. And with all-leather construction, the boot molds to your foot for a perfect fit.

Ask to be properly fit at a retailer near you.

Certain leathers will stretch to fit the customer’s foot better than others. Calfskin, kangaroo, ostrich and elephant generally will conform better to the foot than the reptiles. Reptiles, shark and stingray won’t give much to the pressure of the foot. The reason for this is the softer leathers may “shrink” down slightly when the last is removed since they have a tendency to be more springy and stretchable. However, when they are worn, they will ease back out conforming to the foot. If a soft leather boot fits a bit tight to begin with, it will gradually become less tight. This is a good thing to remember when you fit customers with foot problems. The harder finish leathers must be fitted more exactly. A tight boot over the instep or across the ball in one of these hard leathers will remain tight and may be painful. There is no footwear like an ALL LEATHER boot. The leather components not only allow the foot to breathe but also conform to the foot with wearing.