AB Lifestyle

Those who love their AB boots live life the same way we make our boots: Rooted in Texas tradition and style. They ride, work, tailgate, two-step, compete and do everything in between in these boots. They are independents, but also one big AB family. We think our everyday AB scene is best told by a look at our social feed, so check that out.


The best-quality boots can't be produced by a machine in a factory in China. Boots that last a lifetime need the care and precision that can only be done the old-fashioned way – by hand. Our approach to making Anderson Bean boots is simple: We value the tradition of Texas bootmaking, and we build our boots honestly – without any shortcuts or factory tricks. 

We build every Anderson Bean boot by hand. (The right way, as we like to think of it.) Our boots are all leather for the best in comfort and style, as we are committed to making a great-fitting boot. Okay, we do have a couple of non-leather components in our boots – a steel shank for arch support and wooden pegs in the arch area. These are tried & true methods which aid arch support and hold the boot together. And again, we build our boots the right way.

We hold strong to our tradition of quality with great attention to detail – from the inside structure to the outside style – on every boot. Contrary to what other boot companies today seem to think, we believe that what you can't see DOES matter. That's why we are one of the last bootmakers to use channeled welt construction, which recesses the stitching into a groove in the leather insole, resulting in a distinctive low profile. 

Our Style & Story

Our company was created in 1989 by the owners of Rios of Mercedes boots in order to offer a high quality, all-leather cowboy boot that would fall in the medium price range. Our independent label has grown for almost 30 years to include one-of-a-kind custom boots, plus a full line of stock boots for men, women, kids and babies. Boots for a full lifestyle, and boots built upon the knowledge and expertise of over 150 years of exceptional boot making. 

Our signature toe profile has been a style leader in the cowboy boot market throughout our years. It has been “used for inspiration” by other boot brands, but we’ll just take that as a compliment. It holds us to our high standard – a standard that calls for every pair of ABs to be a wearable work of Texas-made art.

Handmade in TX / USA

Our Anderson Bean boots are handcrafted in Mercedes, Texas, USA in the Rio Grande Valley. (And our Texas consumers sure seem to like that about us.) With quality USA-made products being few and far between these days, we have Texas-sized pride to be one of the few boot companies that builds boots by hand, all by ourselves.

At our factory in Mercedes, each skilled craftsman has a unique role in the process, just as each AB boot design has its own unique style and vibe. It takes many hands to make a pair of boots at Anderson Bean. But it's not just that our boots are handmade – it's about the hands that make them. We get that, which is why we have such a strong family vibe within our company.